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AlmightyGuard Glass Cleaner

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AlmightyGuard Glass Cleaner offers complete protection to your best road buddy, not only safeguards its windows but also shield it from any dirt and pollution.

AlmightyGuard cleans glass and mirrors leaving a streak-free, clean shine with just one spray, making it outstands other regular glass. Concentrated formula quickly and easily cuts through dirt, bird droppings and road grime.

Improve driving visibility to shorten response time to prevent road accidents. AlmightyGuard adds a hydrophobic nano coating to car while cleaning. Protect yourself and your car by repelling water and stains anytime and anywhere.


  • ¡¾Windshield Washer Fluid¡¿Diluted AlmightyGuard Glass Cleaner can be added to washer fluid jar to effectively clean windshield in one wipe.

  • ¡¾2-in-1 Technology¡¿Cleans glass or even your car to a shine finish at the same time adds coating on it to repel water and stains.
  • ¡¾Fast & Easy¡¿Cleans and cuts through dirt, bird droppings and road grime with just one spray.
  • ¡¾Effective & Long-lasting¡¿Protects your car from dirt and rain up to 6 months after each cleaning.

  • ¡¾Efficient & High Concentration¡¿Can be diluted with water in 1:50 ratio. One 60ml bottle of cleaner can be turned to 3L of powerful cleaning fluid.
  • ¡¾Powerful but harmless¡¿No scratches or damages to glass or surface during cleaning.

Package Includes

AlmightyGuard Glass Cleaner 60ml x1