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Anti-Glare & UV Film for Car

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Light Transmission
Preventdamage to your skin and your car¡¯s interior as itblocks both UV Rays and heat. Keeping you and your passengers contentedly cooler inside, allowing lesser use of air-conditioning and so reducing fuel consumption!
Immediately reduce eyestrain while driving with this anti-glare film. Now, it¡¯s easier and clearer to see what¡¯s ahead for a safer and more comfortable drive!
Also, more than just improving a car¡¯s look, having a low profile is easier with this film. Prevent casual passersby from seeing inside your car, decreasing the risk of robbing.


ANTI-GLARE & ANTI-DAZZLE- reduces the strain of the eyes in natural/artificial light and minimize reflection while providing clear visibility.
BLOCK UV RAYS ¨C much as 99% of UV rays; protect every passenger¡¯s skin from its damaging effects, prevents fading and increases the lifespan of upholstery.

COOLER AND COMFORTABLE CAR¡¯S INTERIOR - reflects sunlight, reduces heat significantly in your car by up to 70%.
HIGH % of INFRARED REJECTION - provides energy savings. reduce your fuel consumption by running air-conditioning less frequently.
NON-REFLECTIVE FILM- while it does not block all visibility, keeping privacy, preventing people from seeing inside the car.


  • Material:Polyester Film Dye
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: 50cm x 100cm / 50cm x 200cm
  • Light Transmission: 5% |25% |50%


  • 1x Roll ofAnti-Glare/ UV Film for Car