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Car Mobile Phone Wireless Charger Car Bracket

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Product description


Why does glass better support wireless charging?
Ceramic and metal panels affect the power receiving efficiency in wireless charging transmission, while chemical tempered glass has less impact and the charging efficiency is greatly improved compared with the former two.

Fully automatic identification:
Instantaneous inductive charging, built-in new power intelligent management chip, no need to set the phone, put down the momentary automatic wireless charging mode

Product Name: Wireless charging car phone holder
Input: 5V/2A, 9V/1A
Output power: 5W10W
Input interface: Micro USB
Product size: width 100mmx height 107mm (manual measurement, or error)

The package contains:
Wireless car charger*1

  • ⊙One-time charging and driving safety: bid farewell to the past troubles of repeatedly plugging and unplugging data lines.
  • ⊙Ignore distance: fast charging with shell, penetration sensing, shelling does not affect charging speed.
  • ⊙One-handed operation: navigation is more convenient and easy to access, easy to operate, does not hinder driving sight.
  • ⊙Multiple protection: Do not hurt the phone, after the battery is fully charged, automatically cut off the power, prevent overcharge, care for the battery!
  • ⊙Alloy clip arm silicone pad: CNC sandblasting alloy clip arm, widened width, with soft gel silicone pad, tight package, care mobile phone.