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Car Window 3D Emoji Stickers Display

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The Mojipic is the unique and smart emoji display device that fits onto the rear window of your car. Now emojis are not only for social medias, you can use it almost anywhere in your real life.

So do you want to share your emotions while driving your car or want to tell a tailgater to back off. Then use the voice controlled emoji device to display that. This car rear window digital 3D emoji display have integrated with Apple and Google to have fun with GIFs and EMOJIs.With the help of this Mojipic smart emoji device you can able to  display more than 1500 GIFs, Emojis & Smiles, flags, sports teams, and so much more. 











And you can also customize and create your own emoji, smile or text. So you can finally tell the tailgater to “back off”. It also comes with a pre-installed 8-bit games to entertain the passengers in your car. Mojipic can works perfectly with any iOS phone running 9.0 and up, and any Android phone running KitKat 4.4 or newer version.

It’s connect with your phone via Bluetooth and works with both Siri and Google Assistant. That allows you to display the perfect emoji depends upon your emotion with your voice command. So no-more hard to remove stickers to let everyone know what is important to you or how you feel right now.

The Mojipic uses the 8500Mah rechargeable battery to get the power. And that can be charged by your car’s 12V charger.


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